Mainstreet Productions - Special Event Production

1.Who am I?

Sherri Arrington is an experienced event planner for the past 11 years.  Sherri owns and operates Round Rock Market Days and Sleigh Bell Lane.   

2.What is the process of becoming a vendor?

All shows are 100% juried.  Once you have received approval however, you will not need to be juried again, unless your product line changes (exceptions: jewelry and direct sales...those items are juried monthly).  After the jury process, you will be notified that you are approved for application.  At that time, please read the rules and regulations.  If you would like to proceed, please fill out the application and return it with payment within 7 days. 

3.What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept PayPal. If you wish to submit a check, please mail to: 

Mainstreet Productions
705 Cambridge
Round Rock, TX  78664
(PLEASE NOTE, however, that your booth is not confirmed until payment has been received)

4.  Do you limit certain types of products?

JEWELRY:  10 percent of our total vendor population will be dedicated to jewelry.  That number will vary, but will average 6-10 vendors.  Depending on the number of applications for this product, we may rotate you through certain months, so that everyone has a chance to show.  I  will always want to vary the STYLE of  jewelry, so that we can offer different options to our shoppers.

Direct Sale items:  Products such as Tupperware, Scentsy, Advocare, etc, will be limited to 10 percent of the vendor population. This will average 6-8 vendors.  In cases where there are multiple vendors selling the same product, I will rotate you all through, so that all have an opportunity to show.

70-80% of items will be HANDCRAFTED, items.  People want "different, unique, one of a kind" items. 

Types of products we do NOT allow:  Tobacco or alcoholic beverages, any item that is not family oriented (no adult themed items), novelties that are determined to be low-cost imports, and I reserve the right to disqualify any product that I feel is inappropriate for the demographics who will be attending our shows.
5.  Do you give refunds?

No, I do not give refunds.  

Vendor cancellations: 

PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFERS WILL BE MADE DUE TO VENDOR CANCELLATION. In the event of inclement weather, I will make every effort to hold/continue the event. All vendors are expected to comply. Refunds are NOT given due to inclement weather conditions
6.  What if the weather is bad? 

I monitor the weather and make the call no later than 6am morning of show.  Mass email will go out if show is cancelled due to inclement weather. 

7.  Can I bring a pet?

Our show is dog-friendly...please keep them on a leash or in a crate. 

8.  Do I need a canopy?  (Arts/Craft and Food Vendors)

YES.  Your canopy should be in good condition, and you MUST use weights...30 lbs on each leg.  NO stakes driven into the ground. And yes, I will inspect.  No exceptions! 

9.  Is electricity available?

Yes, at an additional cost of $10.  Electric fees are collected the morning of the event.

10.  What about clean up?

LEAVE YOUR SPACE AS YOU FOUND IT.  Please pay extra attention to anything left on the ground around you.  Failure to comply with this will result in not being invited back.

11.  What about alcoholic beverages? 

No alcohol allowed on the premises. 

12.  Do I need a tax ID?

YES, if you are selling taxable items, you must collect sales tax and you MUST display your tax id certificate!  Events such as ours are heavily advertised, and alerts seem to be sent to the attention of the Comptroller's office, so you can expect to be inspected.  They are nice folks, and all they want to see is that you are abiding by the rules.  I am not qualified to counsel you on tax issues, so please check out the requirements on the state site:

13.  What about special requests?

With as many vendors as I have to place, it is extremely difficult to honor special placement requests.  I  work very hard to put you where you will have the best opportunity to make money!  

14.  What if I want a double booth? 

That's fine!  Double booth, double fee.  Not a problem.

15.  Can I unload at my space?  Can I drive onto the plaza?

No, will need to bring a dolly or wagon to transport your product, canopy, tables etc to your space.  It's not that far, but if your stuff is heavy or you have alot of it, a dolly will be very helpful to you.  I typically have a roadie and dollies that are available for your use but I can't always guarantee they are not in use when you want them. 

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