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Special Event​ Production


We are striving to have FUN and fantastic events. It is important that you understand that you are an integral part of a community event, so please read this document carefully. Any rule that is broken can result in your being asked to close your booth and leave, and that would have a negative impact on us all.

Booths are 10x10 ft. Please store boxes, bins etc. out of site i.e. under tables etc.

An application, with payment included, is required EACH MONTH to secure your spot. We have simplified the application to make it a smooth process. :)

ALL JEWELRY IS JURIED. Please include a website or pictures of your items (by email to for RRMD and for HMD) so that your "style" is not duplicated.

You must provide all that you need i.e. canopy, tables, chairs, etc. CANOPIES: MUST BE WEIGHTED, regardless of the weather. We will inspect this, and you must be prepared to show us how you have secured your canopy. No driving stakes into the ground! Please provide at least 30 lb weights on EACH LEG.

PLEASE NOTE: The actual booth spaces are not accessible by vehicle. You will need to bring a dolly or wagon to transport all your product/canopy/tables etc to your space.


PLEASE READ THE FAQ's! (Mandatory digital signature required on application that you have read them)

Once you have unloaded your vehicle, PLEASE MOVE YOUR CAR IMMEDIATELY. (And vice versa at close…break EVERYTHING down including you canopy before retrieving your vehicle to load out!)

DO NOT BREAK YOUR CANOPY DOWN BEFORE 4:00 P.M. You will not be invited back if you break down early!

Setup at 7 am. Be ready to go by 8:00, sell by 9. Any arrivals after 7:30 are subject to having your booth moved, due to the layout of the plaza.

NO HAWKING! No calling out to shoppers, no pulling shoppers out of another booth, no verbal tactics to lure customers into your booth.

SIGNAGE must be neat and professional.

DISPLAY YOUR TAX ID CERTIFICATE!!! No exceptions. You may use a photocopy, reduced, laminated, whatever, as long as it is current. We will come around to make sure you have it displayed so that customers (or inspectors) can see it easily.

Generators are allowed, in special situations, as long as they are silent or very quiet.

Please bring your own trash receptacle for your booth.

Most months, we will have a "roadie" on staff to assist you with unloading and loading. Please tip him if he was helpful to you. If you need extra help, please see someone in the courtesy booth to arrange it.

HAVE FUN!!! Treat your neighbors with kindness and respect. I am so glad you are here, and I hope you have a profitable day!!! 

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